John McFall: the public need more information on the debate on Scotland’s future

John McFall, Lord McFall of Alcluith, speaks in the House of Lords Chamber

John McFall, Lord McFall of Alcluith, has said that the public is not currently receiving all the information it needs on the debate on Scotland’s future.

Speaking in the House of Lords debate on the Scotland Bill, the former Chairman of the Treasury Committee and MP for West Dunbartonshire called for the temperature of the Scotland debate to be “lowered” and said it was incumbent on the UK Government to ensure that all the necessary information reach the public debate.

He said:

“My Lords … I would say that the debate in Scotland is currently at a high temperature and needs to be lowered so that people can digest the information.

“If one looks at the Calman report, as I have done, and at the reports of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee in the House of Commons-which has had a plethora of witnesses-one will find many profound issues raised which have not yet reached the public level.

“It is important, and incumbent on the UK Government, to ensure that that information is put out to the public, for example in the form of a consultation paper. The UK Government need to engage. There cannot be a passive stance to this. I would leave the Minister with those thoughts as he progresses with the Bill.”

Click here to read Lord McFall’s intervention in Parliament’s official publication, Hansard.

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