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Rt Hon John McFall, Lord McFall of Alcluith, in the London Evening Standard, March 2009

Rt Hon John McFall, Lord McFall of Alcluith was made a Peer in the 2010 Dissolution Honours List, following 23 years’ service as the Member of Parliament for Dumbarton and later West Dunbartonshire. Alcluith is the original Gaelic name for Dumbarton, meaning “rock on the Clyde.”

In the House of Lords, Lord McFall continues to focus on the issues of the economy and financial services. He is a member of the House of Lords Economic Affairs committee and contributes to the debate on the future of the UK economy, and the need for new investment in jobs and growth; the future of banking after the crisis; the future of pensions and retirement saving; and making banks work for ordinary people. He also contributes on issues affecting Scotland and on and international aid and development.

Recently, Lord McFall was Chairman of the Workplace Retirement Income Commission, where he raised the alarm over the millions of UK workers who could face a life of poverty in retirement. The Commission’s report called for a better pensions deal for people working in the private sector.

Political career

John McFall questions the Governor of the Bank of England, during a session of the Treasury Committee in 2009
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Lord McFall is best known for his time as Chairman of the House of Commons Treasury Committee, a position which he held between 2001 and 2010. Under this chairmanship, the Treasury Committee gained a high profile by taking on prominent issues such as globalisation, the economics of climate change and the private equity industry.

Between 2007 and 2010, John McFall and the Treasury Committee found themselves at the eye of the financial and economic storm, tasked with holding to account bankers as well as those in charge of the Treasury, the Bank of England, and the Financial Services Authority.

Before his time on the Treasury Committee, Lord McFall held several positions on Government and Opposition front benches, including Northern Ireland Office Minister and Opposition Spokesperson for Scottish Affairs.

Personal life

John McFall with wife Joan

Lord McFall was born and educated in Dumbarton, where he has lived all his life with his family.

He studied at Paisley College of Technology (now Paisley University), the Open University and Strathclyde University, and he now holds honorary Doctorates  at the Universities of Strathclyde, Glasgow and Stirling and has been awarded a Doctorate of Business Administration by BPP University College, London. He has been associated with visiting Professorships at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde.

Lord McFall has chaired two regeneration companies in West Dunbartonshire, which have had significant success in attracting investment and employment to the area.

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