John McFall, Lord McFall has lived all his life in Dumbarton, and for 23 years was Member of Parliament for the Dumbarton (later West Dunbartonshire) constituency in the House of Commons. His political career included a time as Labour’s Opposition Spokesperson for Scottish Affairs, and throughout his career he has contributed to the debate on Scotland’s future.

John McFall, Lord McFall of Alcluith, speaks in the House of Lords Chamber

Speaking in the recent debate in the Scotland Bill, Lord McFall said that he felt the public were not receiving all the information they needed on the debate on Scotland’s future, and that the temperature of the debate needed to be lowered.

Read more about Lord McFall’s intervention on the Scotland Bill.

Whilst a Member of Parliament, John McFall championed Scotland’s interests, in particular on the economy and the banking crisis. Below, John McFall asks the Secretary of State for Scotland in 2009 to ensure that banks were treating Scottish businesses fairly.

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